The wife is holding her child, the husband fell down

The wife is holding her child, the husband fell down

Ms. Hoa, while holding her two-month-old baby, was kicked and kicked by her husband Nguyen Xuan Vinh (30 years old), knocking him to the floor.

Hoa (27 years old) said her husband was angry when she moved the TV to the next room without "consulting". The violent behavior of Mr. Vinh in the apartment in Thach Ban Ward (Long Bien District, Hanoi) at 16h on 26/8 was recorded by the camera. When Ms. Hoa fell, the baby was still safe in her mother's arms. In the house at the moment there is her son and maid.

Vinh (stripped naked) beat his wife (pink shirt hugging children) collapsed to the ground. Photo: Cut from video.

Vinh (stripped naked) beat his wife (pink shirt hugging children) fell to the floor. Photo: Cut from video.

Ms. Hoa reported to the police about her husband's abusive behavior. She now leaves home to move to live with her mother and is afraid of being beaten again. Her husband is a martial arts teacher. Hoa said that during the 9 years of marriage, she was beaten so much that she wanted to divorce.

On August 28, the police of Long Bien district said that when summoned, Mr. Vinh acknowledged the act of beating his wife due to conflicts in daily life. Vinh is currently in administrative custody. Previously, exchanging over the phone with VnExpress, he admitted that he was the person who appeared in the video, saying that "every family has a conflict".

Hoa's brother-in-law said her brother-in-law was thug but Hoa endured when he lived with him. Once, Mr. Vinh texted to threaten his wife's family because he was prevented from beating his wife.

Investigating agencies are assessing injuries to victims for further handling. By law, the time limit for detention according to administrative procedures cannot exceed 12 hours; In necessary cases, this may be longer but must not exceed 24 hours.

* The victim's name has changed.

Pham Du