Forced taxi driver girl

Forced taxi driver girl

Cao Duc Truong (31 years old, in Nghe An) allegedly after falling down, a child over 11 years old was transported to a deserted area to abuse.

The school was prosecuted and detained for rape against people under 16, Nghe An Provincial Police said on August 28.

Dien Chau Beach where the driver of the school was found to have violated a girl.

Dien Chau Beach - the school driver was found to be raping. Photo: Nguyen Hai.

On the night of August 18, when driving a taxi on Highway 7A through Dien Chau district, the school caused an accident that caused two girls over 11 years old to ride an electric bicycle to the road.

The school drove to the local health facility for an examination, but the two girls said they did not want to enter. Along the way, one child came down. The other child was taken to the beach in Dien Chau district by Truong.

Authorities alleged that, in the deserted area, the driver controlled the girl, stripped and was discovered by the people when not done to the same rape.

Hai Binh