Spa staff in Saigon sell sex to foreign guests

Spa staff in Saigon sell sex to foreign guests

Women of Spa Evagarden in District 7 were arrested by police and sold sex and sex to foreign visitors.

Spa on Pham Thai Buong Street, Tan Phong Ward, District 7, turn on the dim lights, many female staff come in and out to welcome guests, on the night of August 27. Incidentally, the interdisciplinary inspection team coordinated with the Prostitution Prevention and Combat Police Team, Ho Chi Minh City Police.

In the VIP rooms upstairs, scouts discovered two couples are trading sex, another stewardess sexually for guests. All guests present at Spa Evagarden were foreigners.

The manager said, the spa only sells massage tickets to guests. Whether the spa staff and the guests do anything together, the salon doesn't know.

The interdisciplinary team determined that visitors to this spa were usually Korean and Chinese. The shop was recorded because the hostess did not have a labor contract, fire protection equipment did not guarantee ...

Nhat Vy