American mother purged drug trafficking from neglecting her children

American mother purged drug trafficking from neglecting her children

Leslie Brown (29 years old, USA) was arrested for leaving her son home alone, leaving her playing with "toys" of drug bags.

Police in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA said Leslie Brown called 911 from the grocery store to report that his son had disappeared while shopping with him.

Investigators at the scene extracted the camera to track the boy when he discovered Leslie went into the grocery store alone, not with her son as testimony. When the police turned to look, Leslie had left the grocery store.

Officers assigned to Leslie's home also found the boy was not missing but was at home alone. They found on the sofa where the boy sat watching a movie with lots of heroin. Police said the boy said "it was my mother's medicine, and I occasionally did it".

Moments later, Leslie appeared at her home and was "relieved" to see her son at home. Leslie recently lost her job, so she turned to making drugs from over-the-counter medicines to cover living costs. This woman also admitted to using drugs.

Authorities later arrested Leslie on several charges including: hoarding heroin for production and distribution and endangering children.

The police transferred the boy to grandparents to look after but did not announce his age.

Currently, Leslie was released on bail after paying $ 25,000 in bail. Leslie's next court date is set for September 5.

Quoc Dat (According to Oxygen)