15 years in prison for the killer

15 years in prison for the killer

Pawnshop owner Le Hoang Anh (31 years old) received a 15-year sentence for murder for not being appealed by the High Court.

At today's appeal court session in Ha Tinh, the Council considered that Hoang Anh's behavior was hooligan, dangerous to society, without grounds for mitigation, so the first instance sentenced. The defendant must compensate the victim for an additional 12 million dong, a total of 462 million dong.

Earlier, Hoang Anh appealed that the penalty of Ha Tinh People's Court was too heavy.

Defendant Hoang Anh at today's trial. Photo: Duc Hung

Defendant Le Hoang Anh at the hearing today. Photo: Duc Hung

According to the indictment, Hoang Anh, the owner of a pawnshop in Duc Tho district, had a conflict in business with Nguyen Song Thao (residing in the same district). On September 20, 2018, Nguyen Xuan Tap (younger brother Thao) called "big brother" in this area, Tran Cao Nguyen (34 years old) to meet with Hoang Anh to "wash his hatred" to help his brother.

In the afternoon of the same day, dozens of people went by car and motorbike to Hoang Anh's house. Nguyen was the first person to enter the gate and was shot dead by a British gun with a sports rifle.

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